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Welcome to eBioKit

The eBioKit is a system running multiple open source web services on an Apple Mac-mini where all databases are stored locally.
This reduces the need for a fast internet connection while giving the users an opportunity to incorporate their data sets in widely used web services.

The following applications are currently installed:

  • EnsEMBL
  • BioMart
  • NCBI Blast
  • Galaxy
  • Jalview
  • MRS
  • RSAT
  • Weblogo
  • plink
  • WebApollo
  • STATegra EMS

And many more tools!

Also, you will find lot of downloadable resources and tools at the Others tools and the Resources sections.

Use the collapsible lateral menu to switch between the available tools.

Enjoy the eBioKit and please contact us for any question or suggestion!

The eBioKit development team (